We Care About The Environment

INGROSS offer a wide range of Nordic Ecolabelled products. The Nordic Ecolabel is the official ecolabel of the Nordic countries. It helps you choose eco-friendly and harmless products for you and our planet.

What does the Nordic Ecolabel mean?

If a product has been Nordic Ecolabelled, this means that the content has met the hard environmental requirements imposed on it. Nordic Ecolabel makes it easier to make environmentally conscious choices when purchasing. It indicates what products you can choose to reduce your, and your company’s ecological footprint. Nordic Ecolabel also means that the product is of high quality. The product is effective and that it does not adversely affect your health.

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The environmental requirements that are warranted to ensure that the Nordic Ecolabelled product you purchase will not contribute to the release of environmentally hazardous substances that pollute our air or our groundwater resources. With a Nordic Ecolabelled product you take responsibility for you, the people in your surroundings and Mother Nature.

Contribute to a sustainable society

Purchasing Nordic Ecolabelled products is one of the easiest ways to contribute to a sustainable development while keeping your products of high quality. Compared to other eco-labels, The Nordic Ecolabel is outstanding and a promise that the product will be of high quality in all possible ways.

Our range of Nordic Ecolabelled products

At INGROSS we have a wide range of Nordic Ecolabelled products. This enables you to make an eco-friendly choice when shopping.

For us, it is important to be a part of reducing the environmental impact on our earth while at the same time offering you the best products in the market. In our product range you can find several Nordic Ecolabelled cleaning supplies such as, Nordic Ecolabelled cleaning equipment and detergents. Our Nordic Ecolabelled diapers and incontinence care, for hospitals and health care, are very popular. Nowadays, many people want to make sure that hygiene products used directly on the skin are harmless and safe. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly common for people to demand ecolabelled hygiene products in most businesses. They are widely used in pre-schools, hospitals, nursing homes and at conventional workplaces across the country.

We also have a large selection of Nordic Ecolabelled paper, envelopes, copy paper and notebooks for the office. For conscious hotel and restaurant business’ there are heaps of Nordic Ecolabelled products, such as paper plates, candles to Nordic Ecolabelled coffee mugs and coffee filters to name a few.

”Together, we can contribute to a greener world and a sustainable development”


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